dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Death by a thousand cuts: the divorce of John and Elly....

It seems obvious to anyone reading this that Elly is incapable of being satisfied with her life. Sometimes, I come away with the feeling that her tendency to be a defiant boob keeps her from being content with what she has as if she's being pointlessly upset in order to show the people who want what's best for her that they can't tell her how to feel. This is why she spent her marriage endlessly complaining about John. As big a goof as he was, as obstructive and silly as he started out, the man made a genuine attempt to change his ways. Was she grateful? No. You see, he did something unfair; try to solve her problems and thus rob her of something to complain about. That meant to her not that he showed her any respect. Nope. That meant her problems (and, by extension, her) weren't worth taking seriously because they were so easy to solve. Now, it seems to me that their marriage has lasted as long as it did because John had a day job he could go to. After a day of back-breaking work, he didn't much care what his wife thought of him. Now that they both have free time, I can see their marriage slowly and painfully dissolve because of someone's corrosive criticism. Sooner rather than later, John is going to ask himself if he was ever supposed to win an argument. Once he realizes that he was chosen because of his negative traits, he might just deicde that he wants a little positivity in his life. The phrase his lawyer might use is "irreconcilable differences". Too bad it's the similarities that would make him eye the door. Both of them want to have their greasburger and eat it too. Neither of them will admit how wrong that is.
Tags: jelly vs jstf

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