dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Martha: what was she screaming about?

As we know, the reason Mike was off by himself just before he met Martha is because he didn't want to be reminded that no one really liked him. The self-pitying goof was unhappy because they saw him for what he was: a dismally dull young boy whose overweening need for attention and approval made him make a fool of himself as well as an abrasive clod who didn't want to understand that they too had feelings. The reason that I mention this is that we've no clear reason why it was that Martha was running around screaming that no one in camp seemed to like her either. This is because we know from later experience that she has saboteur friends Janice and Megan running around throwing a monkey wrench into things with their overbearing need to hold her to a promise to tell them everything about her social life.

The only reason that seems to make much sense is that Janice and Megan don't seem to be within an hour's drive of Kamp Kawkawa thereby depriving the girl of people to talk to. Knowing that Janice seems to thrive on intimidating Martha into compliance with her own stupid desires by threatening her with social exclusion, it seems to me that perhaps Martha was under orders to not make friends without Janice's approval or permission and since the girl likes to be jerked around by damaging idiots, she complied with that insane demand, met no one, approached no one and was left on the outside looking in.  
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