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The accompanied minor speculation.

 The interesting thing about this arc is that the realization that Elly had failed in her responsibility to warn the people at Kamp Kawkawa what a disruptive jackass Mike was going to be made howtheduck and aprilp_katje wonder what would happen if, by some chance, Elly had been forced to accompany Michael on a long-distance trip somewhere. The example that comes readiest to my mind involves that minor-league hockey team of his playing a tournament in, oh, say, Thunder Bay for a week or so. The boys would need chaperones and more or less by accident, Elly would be 'volunteered' for the job.

It should probably go without saying that she'd be fairly reluctant to break out of her happy little routine for her child. As I've said before, the deluded nitwit seems to be transfixed by the idea that for some reason that makes little sense to anyone who isn't an always-angry mother who wants to stab her children to death with a potato peeler for having needs of their own, the children want to kick her in the teeth and laugh at her when they tell her that she's their slave and she'd better stop thinking that she's a person too. This transmutes being a supportive parent into a sacrifice the children are out of line to expect.

It should also be fairly obvious that while Elly loves to point the finger of blame at everything within her field of vision, she's rather averse to admitting that she herself is to blame for things that go wrong. If Lynn were to write the arc, we could have a straw unfair critical person who hates the idea of Elly expressing herself make an unfair and cruel connection between what she does and does NOT do and how Michael behaves in the loutish fashion he does that we would be told to ignore. If Team Fungus People were to write it, the other volunteer wouldn't look like a half-orc, her name wouldn't be something comically grotesque and the Reason You Suck speech would end up sticking.   
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