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Running from the family: why Deanna wins.

The interesting thing about Martha is that when we finally get to see her family, they're presented as being an unpalatable horde of freaks. Mr McRae is a fool-hardy and chauvinistic jerk who doesn't listen to his wife, Mrs McRae is a shrew, older brother Stan is a snotty and boorish jerk who insults Mike and Martha herself is a passive little thing who likes to pretend that she's more forceful a person than she actually is. As I sit here reading what I just wrote and asking myself "How are they not the Patterswine?", I remind myself of the one thing that really and truly makes Martha unfit to be Michael's significant other: her love and respect for HER family. This seems to be a running theme in the strip: for a love interest to be worthy of a Patterscion, he or she must loathe his or her family and love John and Elly.

This tendency to reject people who respect their own families when they should bow down and worship their Patteroverlords is also why Rhetta is really the windshield Mike got splatted on. After all, she is voluntarily working for her own parents instead of rebelling against their cruel tyranny of denying John and Elly their every little whim so she's the same sort of bad news Constable Paul "No, calling him the beau who left too many arrows isn't racist" Wright is. If they were good people who are worth love and affection, they'd reject their families and want to love John and Elly like DeeDoormat does.

The apex of this occurred nine years ago when Elly blurted out that Anthony's never to be seen step-mother is a great one because she defers to Elly on every damned thing. Had the strip continued, we'd have to endure Elly wringing her hands at the misery April was bringing on herself by chasing a country boy who couldn't possibly make her happy because, you guessed it, he thought of his mom and dad as being positive influences in his life.
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