dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How not to teach a moral lesson.

As the recent plot arc teaches us, Mike didn't learn a bloody thing from last year's botched voyeurism arc that wasn't "don't get caught next time" because pompous nitwit John dropped the ball when it came time to respect things like the privacy and feelings of other people. We know that John is the worst possible person to handle that little chore because by now, they've probably slammed the crematorium door on the feet of a pompous goof who thought of women as objects.

The reason that I mention this is that he was aided and abetted in his campaign to trivialize the concerns of those who might not wish to be ogled by a slobbering pile of gaucheness and douchebaggery: a wife who sees anything else female as a competitor for the affections of whatever male she happens to be fixated on at any given time. As I have said more times than I like, Elly is convinced that the women John ogle want to be slobbered over because she fears being tossed aside. Factor in her unswerving belief that other women are using evil mind powers to somehow cause her innate self-loathing and it's clear why Mike is only really going to get yelled at for the injury to her reputation. She might invoke the names of the people he'd have gone BOING to but she wouldn't really mean it and it would be so obvious, even a moron like him would see it.
Tags: john and elly fail parenting forever

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