dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Settlepocalypse Plus Nine, Part One: Lizthony.

As I write this, I do so knowing that it's been pretty much nine years since the teal-and-lavender kitsch abomination wedding we call the Settlepocalypse. I also know that for her own reasons, Lynn seems to think that having the youngest of the children she started with get married off and have an elder drop the strip's title in her presence means that the story of the Pattersons has come to its end. The problem is that life keeps going on even if we stop paying attention to it so I have to speculate as to what the esoterically happy couple is doing right now.

My guess is, of course, that the annoying patterns of unhappy domesticity we came to expect from John and Elly are repeating themselves for the same reasons. As it was then, so it is now because the husband doesn't really respect the wife and is hard-wired to be incapable of ever seeing her as the person she really is while the wife stews in passive-aggressive rage because she cannot admit that she made a bad bargain. What's more, they're the same sort of lousy parents because the father only likes dealing with children when it's fun while the mother married before she was mature enough to take care of herself let alone young children. Also, since she's as dim and utterly oblivious to social norms as her own mother, we can expect that she too unhinges her jaws and yells at children because she takes their foul-ups too blasted seriously.
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