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Settlepocalypse Plus Nine: The Children Of Lizthony.

Before I begin my look at what I think is most likely happened in the nine years since we last saw the Patterson family, I'd like to remind you of Gordon's contribution to the War On Evil Career Women. Said contribution was to declare in all seriousness that Anthony tried to love Thérèse. What this meant in practice is somewhat obvious in retrospect: Anthony couldn't bring himself to love the woman he'd married because his mommy issues got in the way. It was clear that he wanted the hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome he felt he was cheated out of and since she offered a different vision of life, he couldn't be allowed to adapt. This is akin to how Connie tried to love Molly and Gayle but couldn't because they didn't find her immediately wonderful and how John tried to love his family but couldn't because they have free will.

The reason I talk about this is that it's quite likely that Françoise is back with her birth mother as I type this because Lizardbreath 'tried' to love her but found herself stymied at every turn by That Woman's child being 'difficult'. Given that Elizabeth never met a social norm she understood at all well and that she seems to be constructed not to connect how she behaves with how people react, it's pretty much a certainty that she's probably either growling in frustration or (more likely) yowling in pain that for some reason, that odd child doesn't understand who really loves her because of her rather selective interpretation of what an unfair objective observer who cruelly and selfishly inflicts the truth on her would see as her throwing her weight around like a dumb bully, trivializing her concerns, behaving as if it's a war crime if she 'upstages' a male by having a fucking brain and just generally being a carbon copy of her idiot mother.

As for James Allen, I should think that we're dealing with the worst of both worlds. He'd have the Pattersons' inability to shut his fat yap and listen and their inability to understand anything like a social situation and Assthony's being as stupid as a sack of hair. Much is probably being made of an alleged brilliance that primary consists of not having to wipe the drool off of his chin and his at least looking as if he understands what's being said to him.
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