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Settlepocalypse Plus Nine: on alcoves and Elly.

As you've no doubt noticed, the Patterson children seem bent on emulating some of the odder traits their parents have without really questioning them. This made them look and act far stupider than they were because, as I said, they grew up thinking that Elly's neuroses were how people behaved. The case in point I'd like to mention is Liz probably arguing in circles when people ask her why it was that it never occurred to her to bus or drive on down to London, Ontario to chill with Anthony if she was so fixated on maintaining their friendship back in Uni. Since she's fairly sheltered and since she noticed that Elly didn't ever visit Connie in Thunder Bay, she assumed that it was not her job to do something like that. It seems to have not occurred to her that Mommy Dimmest probably has it in her head that having that asked of her is some sort of humiliation, that leaving her home instead of having people come to her is some sort of defeat, as if she's expected to crawl on her belly and be cruelly mocked for wanting to stay in her own home.

This is why I expect that were we to look in on her now, we'd find her rattling around in what used to be Anthony's den feeling sorry for herself because not only has John died in a humiliating manner, she has no friends left because Annie, Connie and Carol are waiting out the clock somewhere warm and Elly simply can't go there on her own because that would mean that she's just this big fool that has to be yanked from place to place as if her opinion doesn't count. This adds to her unhappiness because for some reason, her children seem to have ganged up and decided that she simply cannot be trusted to look after herself. It angers her that they have fallen in line with their dead father and agreed that despite her belief otherwise, she needs to be around people in order to not to end up becoming the headline "Missing Area Woman Found Dead In Own Home."
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