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Settlepocalypse Plus Nine: Mike is probably even worse by now.

As we know, we're about a half a month away from Mike thinking the wrong thing about Martha and her friends. While a regular dumb guy from the sticks would bear witness to her sharing the amazingly embarrassing love notes he wrote and probably shrug it off and mutter "girls" as if that explained everything, the narcissist pea-brain stood there having a meltdown about how she was 'really' only pretending to like him so she could laugh at his expense just like everyone else. Lynn alluded to how nuts that was by having him not realize that she's a damned sight more trustworthy and better for him than the likes of Pale Lawrence and Gordo but you can't cure stupid with anything that isn't a bullet to the tiny brain.

The reason that I mention this is that Mike kept on learning the wrong things from his kicking his love for her to death because the alternative is admitting that he's not a special little snowflake. What he learned is that women with friends who care about their own feelings are a bad thing that makes his life bad; this is why he married that damned doormat and it's why he's been slowly mutating into one of those cruel and self-absorbed patriarchs that envermin the Liographies. I should think that he's enforcing a double standard and simpering about how Meredith is upsetting the balance by having a spine because, as I said, the alternative is looking in the mirror and seeing a pile of manure who thinks that the world is terrible because he too has to do stuff he hates. Eventually, he will whizz on an electric fence to spite some woman who tells him not to.
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