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Settlepocalypse Plus Nine: The Children Of The Delicate Genius

 Before I get to getting into specifics about how I think that while Robin is pretty much allowed to do whatever he likes to because of a father who won't acknowledge his own misogyny and a mother probably in love with his knavishness, Meredith is warming up in the bullpen to become the next Elly because her asswipe parents are sitting on her for what they self-servingly regard as her own good, let's remind ourselves why Elly thought that Martha was bad news. As history teaches us, Elly's own dance card was left rather empty because:
  1. She never met a social norm she could wrap her head around so was just as blind to someone she knew who was crazy about her as Liz was to Anthony. Since she doesn't seem to have had any friends, no one was there to guide her destiny to its proper, Trash-Bag Johnny avoiding course.
  2. She instead chose to witlessly fling herself at a succession of older boys she stood no chance at all with.
  3. She was probably the Lizardbreath of her day and stomped down the hallways with a scowl as her umbrella wondering why people didn't care for the gloomy, irritable pain in the neck she WAS SO NOT!
  4. Aside from a brief plastic flower child phase engaged in so as to best mess with Marian's head, Elly's preferred style of dress was "stereotypical sexless spinster librarian" and she made the least of her looks.
  5. She managed to blame her flaws on pretty, popular girls who must have wanted her to die alone, unloved and forgotten despite what one of them said about how if she would smile more and stop acting as if the Sun was going out, she might actually have something of a chance and yes, Joey Simmonite WOULD swim through toxic waste for her.
Since she would rather have gulped down Joey Simmonite's toxic waste than admit that most of her romantic woes had a cause named Elly Richards, she took out her frustrations on a target of convenience with freckles and strawberry blond hair.

The reason that I mention this is that most of why Michael failed hideously as a boyfriend is that anyone with eyes to see knows that he came out of the gate looking for an excuse to moan that Martha didn't really love him at all and just pretended to so she could make a big fool of him. Rather than admit that he's still witlessly defaming her and still not realizing that his obsession with the idea that he should be this big, pathetic bag of nothing no one SHOULD love, it's quite clear that he's taking things out on Meredith because he thinks that whatever she's doing to some asshole even more cornball, pathetic and presumptuously entitled than Assthony or Gerund, she's doing the assbucket wrong. 

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