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Settlepocalypse Plus Nine: Stepford Deanna.

 Now to continue on, let's remind ourselves of why that asshole Mike probably still thinks that dumping his stupid ass is why Martha is miserable. As we're about to see, the Delicate Genius To Be spent most of the autumn of 1988 caterwauling about how Martha had to choose between having a social life that might not include him sometimes and being a great gal and protecting a mincing little piece of shite from being exposed to the possibility of being teased. If I were a gambling man, putting down money on his still thinking that SHE was the one playing head games would be the safest bet I could make because he doesn't see himself as he is: a massive, flapping anus issuing forth one big, stupid and intimidating ultimatum after another. His smug whinnying about how she'd brought her misery on herself is thus akin to that poor man's Maynard G Krebs he calls "Uncle Phil" wishing Excedrin Headache Infinity on Connie because she expressed doubts about his cleansing agent. 

The reason that I mention this is that even after Mira and Wilf go to that big Crappy Tire in the sky, Deanna will still lash herself to the boring psycho out of a combination of the sunk cost fallacy and sheer God-damned inertia. Mike thinks that he's got himself a great deal because she doesn't do anything bad or silly or wrong like challenge his being a ginormous weeping dick to their daughter because of his stupid need to avenge himself on Martha and Rhetta for having emotional needs that can't be addressed by someone who can't see other people as being people. Anyone sane would see someone who's smilingly and smugly traded away her dignity and self-respect for a mess of pottage like Therese's Mommy. Unlike those lucky enough to escape the accretion disk of Mike's ego, she will end her days congratulating herself on spiting her mother by marrying out of her species. 
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