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The motive rant that explains Mike and Martha

 From what little she's shared about her past that doesn't manage to contradict itself, it seems fairly obvious that back when she Lindy Ridgway, high schoo student, Lynn seems to have been something of a self-willed outcast seemingly content to hover at the periphery of the social scene because her one attempt at romance collapsed due to the absurdity of her flinging herself head-long at an older boy who simply wasn't in to her. Eventually, this leaks into the strip itself when Elly talks about how she wishes that she'd built up an immunity to the painful emotion of love after she told Connie about how she fell hard for this older boy, did a lot of stupid stuff to try to make herself more appealing and reacted like a bratty child when it became obvious that she'd transitioned from 'clingy annoyance' to 'bad joke'. 

The reason that I mention this is that Mrs Hormone Attack is giving us a play-by-play of this when she shows us Mike's abortive romance with Martha. As we'll see, he starts off feeling super-insecure when his fantasy appears to have the possibilty of coming reality only to make an ugly, stupid fool of himself blaming her for making him feel weird when it's possible that he might be exposed to public knowledge of his crush and thus public derision. He spends the next few years acting like she's the only person who does anything wrong despite it being obvious that he totally blew it and ends up feeling humiliated and bitter when she wants to pursue less damaging and selfish options. Eventually, he says that he made her up because he'd rather not face up to being a moron. This not only foreshadows all of Liz's clusterfuck romances, it probably accurately depicts Lindy's social life in the early sixties. 
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