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Unacknowledged visual defects amongst the Patterson women.

As I've said before once or twice, I think that a lot of Liz's struggle with grades was due to the fact that it took the Pattersons until she was nine or so to finally realize that she couldn't actually see very well. Well, not so much "notice" as it was "have it pointed out to them by an actually competent teacher actually looking out for Lizzie's best interest" but, well, we can't expect the Pattersons to notice stuff like that. Elly was too busy feeling sorry for herself, John's head was up his ass and Mike was too cool to lower himself to see what was going on around him.

The reason that I mention this is that I cannot remember a flashback with Marian that did not have her wearing corrective lenses. Why this is important is that most of the reason Elly hates what she sees in the mirror is that she sees her mother staring back at her every damned time. She hates the idea of becoming her mother because she's always going to be the cement-headed clodhopper who doesn't admit that she gets the belief that if she were to praise her children just once, they'd get complacent and sit down in a pile of their own filth and die because Mommy loves them FROM her mother. Admitting that she's got the same near-sightedness is not something she likes to do because she doesn't want to be ooooooooold. 
Tags: elly versus admitting she's like marian

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