dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Did you ever see a dream walking? Mike did.....

As we know, we're about to launch into the Mike And Martha Show in grim earnest soon enough. This is so that he can make a huge mistake and get his bowels in an uproar because his paranoia and stupidity make him see something that isn't there: someone who only pretended to like him so she could humiliate him in front of the frienemies he doesn't want to admit that he should never trust. While he learns exactly the wrong lesson from this, it behooves us to understand the root source of all of his and, by extension, all the other Pattersons' romantic problems.

We are pointed to this when we're made to see why it is that he thought that he was being humiliated in the first place: the fact that Martha thought that their involvement should actually be public knowledge instead of somehow hoarded to himself as if he's King Of Big Deal Freaking Mountain or something. Simply put, he was too in love with the fantasy of the two of them walking on the shores of Lake Kawkawa to really be able to deal with the actual person in real life. Since she insisted on dragging him out of his fantasy capsule, she was clearly trying to mess with his head and play games with him because the alternative is that he's a boneheaded little creep who made a big deal over nothing for a pants-on-head stupid reason. Heh. He should've sued her for definition of character!!!
Tags: michael versus martha

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