dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John: He can be taught...just very slowly.

THe porblem with John, as I see it, is that he is very slow on the uptake. It takes time for him to assimilate new ideas because he's a born conservative. It's only with the greatest reluctance that he alters his thinking because he can rarely muster the effort to see that he might be the cause of a problem. As the most pressing example, he spent the first few years of the strip making an ugly fool of himself because of his studied refusal to see that Elly was overworked and felt underappreciated. To him, the tidy home, good food, well-behaved kids and balanced finances seemed to occur by magic. He wouldn't allow himself to see that doing so swallowed most of his wife's time because he had a comfy image in his head of her sitting on her rump eating bon-bons that he didn't want to admit was wrong. He has changed, though. That's because he started to notice that the little woman had a point. First off, he slowly but surely figured out how much of a trial the children were. By the time that happened, he was contemplating shipping the kids off to his sister's farm to set them straight. It may not seem that taking twelve years to admit to himself that he was off base is something to be proud of but he might never have learned. Too bad it took another decade or so to get it through his skull how much work Elly put into getting the house in an order their mothers would approve of as well as putting the greaseburgers on the table. Vacuum cleaners, mops and spray cans don't clean houses, you see. People clean houses. Also, she never liked portion control in the food department. About the only thing he refuses to ackowledge now is that his spending habits are open to debate. Given his slowness on the pick up, I'd say by their thirty-fifth annversary, he'd start to publicly admit that he was wrong about the stereo incident.
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, sheet shaver

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