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Elly versus Martha: another battle in the War On Straw.

As we know, next week's misadventure in which Mike acts like a huge, swinging dick because Colin the paperboy laughed about the notes Lindy Ridgway wrote him.........I mean, Martha told her friends all that marching she and Mike by the lake shore and that somehow excluded and diminished him because he's a moron is the first instance in which an on-going threat to their relationship that isn't his being a vain twit first appeared. Said threat is, of course, Elly making a big, stupid, hysterical fucking deal over nothing because it's easier for her to panic and declare an inoffensive little girl an enemy than to be sane and decent. To me personally, the most telling example of this is we never see something that seems obligatory almost: Martha doing a formal meet-and-greet with John and Elly.

This interests me because while Mike would later go on to wail that it's cruel and unfair that he have to sit down and watch the hockey game with Wilf Sobinski because he's an ARTIST so what could he have in common with a guy who works in a hardware story, it was impressed upon Mike that if he's serious about someone, he has to meet her folks. He met with the McRaes, the Blums and the Sobinskis and it went as well as could be expected. What never happened is that Elly never seemed to want to extend to Martha the same courtesy she grudgingly extended to Rhetta and enthusiastically to Deanna for a stupid reason: Martha is a reminder that her default state is "head shoved up her fat arse." Since Elly couldn't be asked to pay attention to her children, someone who surprised her by, you know, EXISTING is the devil coming to ruin her family.

The reason that I mention this is that since Lizardbreath is sort of stupid and hasn't met a social norm she couldn't totally misunderstand in the most destructive means possible, this means that she has the idea that meeting someone's parents is something terrible to be avoided....especially if she can fly in a helicopter! WHEEEE!!!!!!!
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