dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Joy, love and other absences

One of the saddest things about looking at the Pattersons is that they don't seem to be all that grateful for each other's company. Each one treats his or her fellow 'family' members with appalling disrespect. Do they apologize for inconveniencing one another? Not really. The closest you'd see is a trite "Sorry you feel that way" that isn't really an apology at all. To be truely sorry, the alleged penitent would have to care about his or her victim as much as s/he did about the Foob in the mirror. When you consider that they refuse to see other people's viewpoints for fear of having to admit error, it's clear they only love themselves. Without love in their lives, the only laughter we see in the strip is that propounded by O'Brien in '1984': the kind inspired by triumph over a defeated enemy. Meredith's hateful, vicious, unfeeling, stuck-out-tongue laugh when Robin ate that pile of dirt last July was only the latest example of humor at the expense of a humiliated person. For the archetype of that sort of polecattery, you'd have to remind yourself of their father's most ignorantly malevolent deed: assigning to his scared, troubled, unhappy little sister a nickname that will dog her for the rest of her life: "Lizardbreath". Has he ever taken the time to see that maybe he shouldn't have done that? That his sister's feeling are as worthy of respect as his own? No and no. He's never been exposed to people who care about the opiniions of other people so he never grew a conscience. The only check on his behavior is fear of punishment.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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