dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly versus Martha Two: Selective Memory Boogaloo

As we all know, what really ended up killing the little fantasy relationship Mike had with Martha is that she kept on insisting that she was a person in her own right instead of someTHING to lust over or stick in the front passenger seat of Elly's station wagon to make him look cooler when cruising. Having a family, emotional needs and free will really got in the way of his being a horny jerk so were bad things but you can't get the prick to admit to that. He blathers about destiny and the need for his kids to exist as if Life were written in stone because he can't admit that if he hadn't been a butthead about everything, he'd be defending the right of the kids he and Martha had to exist as if they were the only possibility. Also, he tends to gloss over forgetting that she existed half the time and taking her for granted like a heel and being a snotty little prick who fell like a sucker for all the shit-talk people who don't know her made about her.

This is because he doesn't realize something important: his mother feared and hated Martha for a really stupid and horrible series of reasons and more or less sent her to Exile Farm in the hopes that he'd remember that he was still her little boy and to stay away from terrible little tramps who dress to impress instead of conceal like she didn't when she was a plastic flower child. Not that she admits to ever having interfered with a relationship that scared and angered her because she was her usual incurious self dealing with a terrible-by-nature surprise. When she isn't retroactively calling it puppy love that wasn't worth worrying about, she's probably telling herself that she sort of liked a girl she never cared to speak to because she knew what the little tramp would say for herself because she can't admit that she's the bitch here.
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