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Elly versus Martha: The true story.

I think that this week is rather critical in understanding why it is that Elly spends the next four years running around in circles screaming about the Evil Girl with the Dangerous Body Language who's MOVING TOO FAST FOR MICHAEL. This is because something comes along and convinces her that she has no choice but to panic, fret, dredge up old memories and do her damnedest to cool something she regards as a threat down: John tells her that she's making the big deal over nothing that she actually is.

This, as you can readily realize, doomed any chance that Elly might actually see Martha as anything but a threat for a very simple reason: the wronger she is, the more Elly needs to prove that she's right about things. Just as she can't back down from an irrational ultimatum because she wants to save face more than she wants to be fair to her family, she cannot and will not admit that she might be misreading a situation. If John had pretended to agree that Martha was a threat, things might have blown over on their own because she also wants to think that he's being too hard on Michael. Since he made light of a situation that was never going to turn into the disaster she foresaw because he knew that his boy would end up blowing it, Elly simply had to join Connie in fretting about a scary person that neither of them actually bothered getting to know.
Tags: elly also lives in a world of demons, elly versus martha

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