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Right now, Gordon is better than Michael is......

The interesting thing about Martha is not that Michael totally blew it. The interesting thing is that much as Liz would do for Paul Wright and Susan Dokis, Mike seems to have guided two people to their destiny: Gordon Mayes and Tracey Wells. What we're about to see in a year or so is that Mister Hormone Attack used to have a doomed crush on a girl I'll call Alison Hey! PHRASING!!! owing to her name being a rather broad pun that Lynn smirkingly denies making. For years, he pined away for this person and for years, she hung out with the popular kids instead of the homely shnook with the ball cap. This would have persisted for years until Mike suggested that he go out on a date date with Tracey Wells.

Gordon initially balked at this because she was literally The Girl Next Door that he'd known for years. If I recall correctly, he made a snarky comment about the old cliché about falling in love with this person and spending the rest of their lives together only to turn around and become the very thing he thought was so damned improbable. Despite his rather rough beginning, our lad appears to be the person Elly was actually talking about when she played up the unspectacular kid who'd grow up to be a world-beater. Despite what Anthony might tell John to make himself feel as if he matters, Gordon is pretty much the aspirational figure people tell their kids to be like. He has a loving wife, he makes a beautiful dollar, he's got swell kids and he's enough of a class act that he's never going to tell Mike what a fool he made of himself with Martha.
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