dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On spoiled children and not-actually-lazy mothers.

The irritating thing about the Martha saga is that it's just another means of keeping on point message-wise because we get hammered over the head that Michael would have had a better time if he let Elly live his life for him but instead paid the price for rejecting all the love in her great big heart. This need to moan about the horror that is children making their own mistakes is reinforced by what's coming after the great big mess about how children 'choose' to grow and grow and grow so they can keep their poor mothers from buying nice things for themselves.

Said looming menace is the end result of Elly telling Lizzie that if she doesn't like what Mommy puts in her lunch, she's big enough to make it herself. This, as one could expect given the strip's premise, results in Lizzie declaring that Elly was too lazy to make a proper lunch because children are spoiled and ungrateful monsters who need to apologize for choosing to be born and ruining Mommy's life. (Not, of course, that Mommies should accept anything like an apology as that means the evil thing called forgiveness.) We thus have a tidy, domesticated version of doublethink in that children are at the same time not to be trusted to AND required to decide things for themselves so to make of Elly a sort of universal martyr.
Tags: elly on her cross, goodthinkful elly

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