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On Martha and martyrdom: what Michael is actually in love with.

As you have probably no doubt noticed, Elly goes out of her way to avoid acknowledging a truth about herself: she's always been in love with feeling like crap and as if the world is conspiring to destroy her and laugh at her for wanting to experience a happiness she just isn't designed to feel. We know that the instinctive human need to identify and respond to threats is within her amplified to a comic and sinister extreme but she does not. Said innate dread of being overwhelmed is, as one could expect, made part of the conspiracy because she is aware of happiness and people who feel it but thinks that someone has stolen from her an ability to feel calm and content that has never existed in the first place.

The reason that I mention this is that Michael is pretty much what she'd be like if she were a man. Right now, this tendency to assume that the world wants to destroy him and laugh at him for thinking that he too deserves to be happy manifests itself as going into his relationship with Martha by assuming that she was always arguing under bad faith. It's not that he's an insecure dolt who doesn't understand what's going on around him, she's playing games with him to trick and humiliate him. Talking to her friends is part of a trick she's playing on him and has to stop. Having friends who plead his case is part of a game she's playing to fool and embarrass him and has to stop. Getting angry because he ogles other girls in his presence is a game she's playing. Expecting him to remember her name is just another gambit. Everything she does that isn't letting him make all the rules and acting as if she's a real person instead of someTHING that comes along to make him feel good is, as one could expect, part of a game because the alternative is admitting that he pissed away a good thing expecting to get a knife in his back because he's the same sort of stupid paranoid idiot his mother is. It's like getting Lizardbreath to admit that she's as blind to social norms as her dickweed dad.
Tags: michael versus martha, mike versus self-awareness

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