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On the dropped anorexia arc.

A recent discussion of the monthly letters served as a reminder that Lynn liked to hint at plots she was planning on developing. Ordinarily, we'd have John go "CHEE!!! I hope this plot developing I'm telegraphing shamelessly takes place some day!" like it's his job to drop spoilers but this was not always the case. Other characters were assigned that task. While I'd like to talk about how Lynn was on the fence about making Martha into Deanna's pathetic, Connie-esque sidekick as a means of punishing her for "mistreating" Michael and "disrespecting" an Elly I don't recall her ever speaking to, it's April who had the job of pointing to an arc that would have been as ill-conceived, poorly executed, ludicrous and quite frankly dangerous by having her state that she and some other girls needed help not eating that much.

What this would have meant is we'd have Doctor Elly barge in and deliver the same sort of ill-informed gibberish about how a stroke is an inflammation of the brain and April would be obliged to accept the pernicious nonsense as gospel. While it would have been so at war with what we know about medicine, it would be a boon to we snarker-troll garbage people who don't care about refugees in war zones with world diseases because we're clearly too busy writing letters about how the nonsense that's being peddled is going to get someone dead, Lynn would be too busy defending herself from medical professionals and responsible advocates for the cause to notice the likes of us.
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