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On schoolyard politics and the Settlepocalypse.

As I've said in the past, Lizzie started out hating school because she had the misfortune to be the victim of a horribly inept teacher who for reasons that were never made clear decided to single the little girl out as a BAD EXAMPLE to be avoided. We didn't get a sort of "I wouldn't have picked on Michael if I didn't think he had potential" moment with Miss Blais; all we got is her crying at her desk because she was too wispy to deal with a bunch of bog-standard over-excited first graders.

The reason that I mention is that while Liz's belief that since one teacher was out to get her, they all were tends to screw up her game, there's another factor that makes her life worse than it should otherwise be: her timid nature and poor understanding of how people behave. Just as Mike is a gender-swapped version of his theatrically paranoid idiot mother, Lizzie is a distaff version of her clueless doorknob Daddy and his hapless inability to understand how people's minds work and what social norms are. This results in her being on the outside looking in most of the time because she wants to make sure things are Safe so much that she shut herself off from all but one friend growing up.

What this means in the here-and-now is that we're dealing with someone who's still thinking in terms of teddy-bear touch the ground when crap like custody hearings and alimony payments enter the conversation because growing up is scary and admitting that she can't cower behind Elly forever is going to break her brain.
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