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The torched franchise perplex.

As you know, most of the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing is that I don't much like how FBORFW degenerated into the mawkish celebration of self-righteousness and execrable behaviour it had become after Lynn lost interest in keeping things going. As you also know, Lynn makes a point of saying that aside from plastering their images on things to placate a fanbase she seems to wish would like her goofy looking cartoon birds instead, she is completely done with the Patterson family because, as she told Phyllis Diller, she lost interest in keeping things going but didn't quite know how to quit 'listening' to characters she seems almost to have grown to hate.

The reason I mention this is that a recently-uncovered interview about the subject has Lynn go out of her way to state how little she liked dealing with the Patterson family and their antics. What started out as an outlet had become the same sort of deadening chore Elly found running the bookstore and she might just have wanted out so badly, she was willing to destroy the characters' credibility and likability to do so. Every move that looks as if it were designed to alienate people and make them hate the Pattersons might just have been made for that specific purpose. If so, she seems to have not quite succeeded because there are still people who want to catch up with Elly and see how life is treating her. People like me. People, I think, like you....and we'll probably never do it because she'll probably make "have the Pattersons die of food poisoning" a codicil in her will because she probably hates them more than we ever will.
Tags: lynn versus the pattersons

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