dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On tone-deaf parenting and wondering where the idealism went.

The interesting thing about one of the recent strips about playground politics and how to lose at it is that Lynn explained why she did so: as a means of hammering her daughter Kate over the head with the fact that since unpleasant behaviour was never going to go away, she'd better just adjust to that fact and stop whining. While this is one of the more valuable family-unfriendly Aesops, it seems to me that Mommy's failure to sugarcoat things when it kind of counted might have been proof of the law of unintended consequences.

The reason I say that is that John and Elly are all the time running their fat yaps about how cynical and jaded and moody their teen-aged children are and how they're wasting the best years of their lives acting as if everyone is out to get them and as if the Sun were guttering out when they should be happy and grateful and have good attitudes without taking into consideration the fact that pious lectures about how everyone is out to get you and how you can only rely on yourself and can never expect thanks or recognition might be doing a number on their kids. Simply put, popping balloons for the kids' own good is going to make them angry all the time instead of putting the smiles on their souls Mommy and DADDY want....and John and Elly should have adjusted to that fact and stopped their damned whining!!!
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