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Michael versus Martha's friends.

I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating: Michael simply cannot imagine Martha as being anything other than a fantasy projection. Why, he even talks about their break-up in much the same terms Liz uses to describe Paul Wright in that both idiots state that they 'made up' this person who've they've idiotically wronged. In Liz's case, we have her blowing off meeting his parents because not only is it fun to ride in helicopters piloted by a stalker with a crush, meeting them makes him real and makes things partway her fault.

The reason that I mention this is that in a month's time, we're about to be reminded that Mike hates the idea that she has that terrible outside interest in which he is cruelly asked to surrender all control called her friends Janice and Megan. It doesn't matter that they too, y'know, feel out of it if, like, Martha, uh, keeps secrets from them like, y'know, she's this big-shot. It doesn't matter that they're in his corner when the need not to be mocked by The Guys makes him buy that Gross-out Valentine Of Being A Belittling Dickhead. It doesn't matter that Janice is open to the possibility of being Miss Junior Rebound Of 1989. What matters to him is that these people ground her in a reality that makes him not central to the proceedings. Since his fragile ego can't stand the idea of not being the infant at every christening, the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral, these people have to go if she loves him at all. Since she's made the mistake of investing too much of her identity in being this idiot's girlfriend, she does something very stupid that she doesn't get enough credit for and dumps a support mechanism that would help her when things go sour with that dimwitted mediocrity she probably still also fixates on.
Tags: michael versus martha

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