dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The grievance collectors.....

In a recent post on the Foobiverse Livejournal, regnad_kcin pointed out that Elly (and, by extension, Lynn herself) has the unlovely habit of storing up old grievances so she can wallop an unsuspecting target over the head with them years later. About the only thing she shares with her family is how and when they've disappointed her over the years. She never congratulates them on a job well done, never tells them that she's lucky to have them or that she loves them. Not her. The only thing you'll get out of her is a litany of their sins against her. This, I should think, is the chief symptom of her ingratitude in the face of all the good things she has. She either can't or, more likely, won't see the good in the world around her because she loves moaning about the bad. The sad thing is that, to one degree or another, her children love to find fault with things and people. Michael, for instance, still part way thinks that Elizabeth's very existence is somehow his parents' way of saying that he's not good enough, that they had to have a new kid because the old model didn't measure up. Liz and April vary from Mike and Elly in degree, not in kind. Even John plays the blame game a little bit; after all, if Elly and the kids didn't make a big deal over doing what was expected of them, he'd have had peace in his house.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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