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On Elly and how much alimony she has to pay causality....

The problem with Elly's Very Clever Plan to Improve Her Children is that she doesn't actually address the problem that really concerns her: her children's habit of swearing in front of her. This week's Very Clever Plan seems to have had at its basis the belief that if the children learn Good Words, said Good Words would somehow magically crowd out all the dirty words she doesn't like hearing. As John said after the fact, this had no chance of actually working the way she thought it would because that doesn't happen in real life.

What this means is in six months' time, Elly will once again declare that unlike Lesser Families who DON'T have Loving, Fair, Firm and Kind Mothers Working Selflessly To Better Their Children, Mike and Lizzie are NOT allowed to curse and have to stop watching the evil television set that brings FILTH into HER HOME and HER CHILDREN'S BRAINS and so forth. Leaving aside the fact that she's probably going to shout "What the flying boxcar do you mean, 'John and I have to stop using language that would make a stevedore blush around the kids?' What does THAT have to do with anything, MOTHER?!" at Marian when her cruel, unfair, unloving mother furthers her campaign to destroy her by saying that what SHE does might somehow influence the children when that influence is not to her liking, we have to remember that when it becomes obvious that Lizzie thinks that she's been unfair, Elly bawls her eyes out because the child she doesn't admit to herself that she favours hates her now. She can take it if Mike hates her because she never really liked him in the first place but to have Lizzie not love Mommy hurted Mommy so Mommy gave up trying to actively discipline her kids for a change.

As I've said before, this crazy-quilt, never the same reaction to the same stimulus non-parenting style of Elly's has the effect of teaching the kiddies that cause and effect doesn't really exist. If you don't do the same thing every time when it counts, you make the same mistake Elly does and get the same kids she does: kids who can't connect what they do to why you're angry with them.
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