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The failure state perplex: Lizardbreath, destroyer of attraction.

Of course, one could have predicted how Michael failed as a boyfriend from his childhood. After all, he seems to have been born to fail because he can't see other people as being real, he thinks that only his own pain matters and he's too blasted stupid to understand what he's doing to piss people off. The reason this is important is that Elizabeth also brings glaring character defects to the party that work to her romantic detriment:

  1. What she's more in love with than the high she gets from being in love is the feeling that people are all lining up to destroy her and make her die alone and laughed at.
  2. Because she's always going to be a flighty and spoiled child no matter how old she gets chronologically, 'cruel and unfair' social norms that other people obey tend to baffle and anger her no end because she's 'supposed' to be able to barge into situations she should not wade into like a big idiot.
  3. She's perfectly capable of fuming about the unfairness of being thought of as being a passive idiot coasting through life because she lacks the self-awareness to notice that she's a passive idiot coasting through life.
  4. She has a violent, hair-trigger temper that turns petty inconveniences and ambiguous situations into marching orders for mayhem.
  5. She expects to be carried through life on a damned litter and moans piteously about the hardship of supporting interests not her own.
  6. She's an antisocial jerk who has a self-serving habit of seeing people in her way as threats to be overcome and not as potential friends.

This is why it's pretty much a cold hard fact that she guided Eric and Paul's destiny to be far away from her by her own skill as making herself as undesirable a love interest as possible. She frets and fumes about non-issues, she has no sense of humor, she expects them to jump through hoops while howling in terrified rage at the prospect of having to give things up her own damned self, she can't be asked to care about their interests, she immediately jumps to the most destructive conclusion possible and she isn't capable of admitting that she might have misread the situation because that would mean that she isn't the sole victim. Since she's as good as coming to logical conclusions as her cement-headed mother, she'll die assuming that she made the relationships up in order to avoid admitting to burning them down and peeing in the ashes.
Tags: liz is a horrible girlfriend, romantic red rings of death

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