dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The great refusal: Lynn versus understanding teenaged boys.

As we're about to be reminded, Lynn really doesn't understand how teenage boys actually behave. In the real world, Michael would want it known that he's got a girlfriend because he wants his social standing to be upgraded. He wouldn't give a rip who Martha shared that note he wrote her saying "I like you and hope you like me too" because he wants to be seen to have a girlfriend because, well, because he isn't a teenage girl terrified of being accused of being forward. This fear of handing a special someone a note because she's worried that she'd be thought of as a hussy by the Quality Girls is a dilemma for Liz or April to have, not Michael.

The reason that Michael howls about this made-up crisis is the same reason he acts like a wounded little girl braying about the horror of having her perfect love made light of by her one and only's hoodlum friends who, as far as she is willing to see, are the real obstacle to her wonderful destiny. He's the creation of a woman of limited mind who can't or won't understand how people not like herself would react.
Tags: lynn fails everything forever., mike is a terrible boyfriend

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