dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Martha debacle: Is Uncle Phil partway to blame for all of this?

The irritating thing about having to remember why Mike is a horrible boyfriend is that, as we'll see, he goes into this with the assumption that Martha is trying to manipulate him. She, of course, has no idea that he saw her read the sappy note he wrote her or why his reaction to said note was to baffle her and her friends by angrily ripping it to pieces and accusing her of somehow pulling his heart out of his chest to laugh at him because she never 'really' liked him at all. This leaves us wondering where the Hell he got the idea that letting a dame into his head was just asking for trouble.

Where the Hell he got it, of course, is from his boorish man-child uncle Phil. Remember, he's not going to ask his dad for advice because he thinks Trash Bag Johnny is the dorkiest square on the planet so he's going to look to someone he sees as being cool as a guide. The problem is that Phil was and is something of a spoiled brat who acts way too damned high school. Since his reaction to Connie moving on with her life because she wanted a man, not a boy was to wail about letting a dame mess up his alleged brain, his impressionable dumbass nephew got it into his own so-called mind that wimmin iz treacherous beasts. This means that on every level that matters, Phil is just another scruffy twelve year old leading Mike astray.
Tags: mike is a terrible boyfriend, phil richards: yapping ignoramus

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