dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

My Little Fooby: Friendship Is (Still) Tragic

The irritating thing about having to watch Michael behave like a cur is that he's not alone in being a terrible friend to Martha. We know going in that his assumption is that since she didn't obey his panicky demand to not share the fact that he liked her with everyone so that his life would be free of the pain of embarrassment, ridicule and all the other things three people who kind of don't like him anyway would heap on him, it was obvious that she only ever pretended to like him because she wanted to make a fool of him. This is because Mikey-girl is a stupid twerp who doesn't know how social norms work.

The reason I say that he's not alone is because, as we'll see next week, Janet clearly also believes that to be her and Megan's friend, Martha must also be totally loyal to them. If she disobeys them, it's not because she has to cope with the brainless stupidity of a moron who'd ignore the fact that most people would see him as a higher life form now that he's got a girlfriend because the derision of people who make him feel bad matters more; it's that she wants to declare war on them or some stupid thing that a social outcast who never bothered learning how to fit in thinks kids think. No one, it would seem, wants to be Martha's friend. Everyone wants to be her puppet-master. This is horrible. This is stupid. This is what we get for letting Lynn tell us How Things Must Be.
Tags: mike is a terrible boyfriend, saboteur friend theatre

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