dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deliberate Values Dissonance Theatre Starring Martha.

Of course, the really interesting thing about all of this is that we see why Martha was 'unsuitable' and why Janet and her Minicon drone Megan were 'out of line' when we remember that Lynn was pretty much against her will told to give Deanna a friend who was a link to a pre-Michael past. One could be forgiven for assuming that this Ardith person doesn't actually exist because we never see her face or hear of her in the strip proper so it looks to all the world as if Deanna hasn't got a friend in the world. The same thing seems to apply to Georgia and pretty much every female character we're supposed to like.

This, I should think, is because Lynn is terrible at questioning the social preconceptions of her childhood. The closest we get is Connie and Elly channeling Anne-with-an-E and only objecting to social norms they don't currently benefit from. This means that to be a good wife to a Pattersaint, a girl must not have friends that would distract from her absolute fealty to her man. Since Martha wanted her past before Michael to be important, she was clearly The Wrong Sort.
Tags: martha, values dissonance theatre

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