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Mike mythologizes Martha.

As you know, the problem I have with Anthony is that he is in love with a fictional character and has been all of his life. As his Liography and that horrific and unsettling thought-bubbling about rescuing Liz from drowning teach us, when he looks at the child woman making the self-serving whining about the cruelty and unfairness of social norms that keep her from trampling over other people because she's really God-damned entitled, he tells himself that he's always seen a sympathetic figure of grace and calm and dignity that just doesn't exist because the admission that she's an emotional crutch who would probably say all the wrong things if she knew about his parents' troubled marriage is too damaging.

This need to mythologize a person to avoid facing troubling things about one's self is probably why Michael turns a girl who was into wearing cute dresses and roller blading and a whole bunch of other non-farm related things into a farm girl she was not. He might fantasize all he may about how Martha's looking like a stereotypical farm girl makes her one but the plain truth is that our lad never really wanted to give the real girl a chance because of his own limitations. Just as Anthony's fear of rejection ended up pushing people away because he came on too strong and he didn't let people be themselves because they'd leave him, Mike's reluctance to admit that his first impressions are not the whole of the law got in the way of a good thing.
Tags: mike is a terrible boyfriend

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