dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Laura Cruikshank is extremely silly: OFFICIAL.

We're about two weeks away from Laura reminding us all why I have no immediate use for her character when she acts as if it's Michael's fault that he was made to sleep in the hallway like an afterthought by her idiot parents. When he objects to this thoughtless remark and tells her that he hates Exile Farm and everything in it, someone tosses him outside for probably hurting her delicate feelings or something or other. About the only time that I can recall her saying something I can agree with is when she explained away pointless distractions like a dress-up contest for swine by stating that they needed to not be reminded of all the things that needed doing on the farm. Otherwise, she's just a canting annoyance who delivers pompous bromides about a life she's never experienced....just like dear old Daddy Hick-Talkin'Thanos.

She sure didn't get that crap about how lazy city-dwellers were from her mom because her birthplace wasn't a really small town like "Aberdeen", Manitoba and she didn't live on a farm as a child. As we know, she fell into the farm life by falling for Danny of the crude speech, love of old junk and tendency towards spouting back to the land slogans. Since Danny is a louder, broader personality, it makes sense that his daughter will spout his nonsense for him long after his death.
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