dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Goodbye, Lizzie and hello, Liz.

The interesting thing about the New Years Day strip for 1988 is that in every way that matters, it's the last appearance of the "Lizzie" incarnation of Elizabeth. By the end of the month, we see the first appearance of a person who doesn't see herself as having many friends. We see John struggling with the concept that she wants friends that aren't related to her. We see her being needlessly fixated on her alleged ugliness. We see her not notice that most of why people avoid her is that she scowls all the damned time and they're wondering what they did to piss her off so they can avoid her melting down on them like her mother does on everyone else. We start to see someone who's too damned possessive and jealous of what few friends she does have. We see someone who wants social norms that get in her way handwaved away for her benefit. We see someone who doesn't really understand what love is.

In short, when the little girl with the twintails starts ranting irrationally about her nose is ugly and stoooooopid and she hates it because it drives people away from her and no, it's not fair to say that she's always been stand-offish and no, she isn't scowling angrily at everyone all the time and all of those pictures that show her doing so are lying, it's not Lizzie saying those things. Lizzie says twee garbage about recess being the scariest subject. Lizardbreath has finally hoved into view, gang.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, the middle years

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