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The free labour perplex

As we end the Exile Farm arc, let's remember why John and Elly are really complaining. They didn't mind one little bit that Mike got turned into a farmhand during the worst of an early Manitoba winter but objected vociferously to their own being made into the unpaid farmhands of an inept and lazy plowhand talking big. The reason why can be found in Fiona Brass's Liography when her dad tells her that she should know better than to think that what a child earns really belongs to her when it actually really belongs to the parents as payment for not casting her adrift like he sort of did.

I have no idea whence came John and Elly's Randroid blather about their children being parasites trying to leach off of them but the plain truth is that the two of them seem to insist that their children owe them and everyone in the world their labour for the horrible sacrifices that no one actually appears to have made. John might think that having to spend the money he earns on the wife and kiddies is a horrible imposition but it's what the society he doesn't want to believe exists expects of him and, well, let's face it: Elly is tied down no matter what she might want to think because kids simply can't fend for themselves despite her being bored with them. They can press-gang April into working at the store to protect her from having free time, they can connive to make children wear uniforms to protect her from wearing clothes that flatter her and make her feel good and they can commandeer what she buys in the belief that it's really their stuff to dispense with as they see fit but they're wronger than wrong to do so. All they're doing is creating someone who really can't function on her own in society and who ends up dependent on the kindness of strangers to exist.
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