dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The sunset deficit disorder

As we know, we're coming up to one of those arcs that depict Elly as having a life outside the home so that Lynn can pretend that she and Elly are the same person. We always manage to snap back to Elly being mistaken for a fifties sitcom mother who's chained to the appliances because Lynn doesn't like being reminded how her preferred lifestyle managed to estrange her from the children she could never relate to anyway but at least this time, we get to see one of the most crippling of Elly's character defects. I know that I've talked about her inability to pick her battles, her need to revise the past so that she's always only just now noticing a problem that's angered her all her life and her short temper but I don't talk enough about why she lives her life on a treadmill.

We see why when we see her envy people who can sit back, relax and just enjoy sunsets without feeling remorse and shame at leaving things undone only to turn around and act like it's a horrifying shock that she simply cannot allow herself to relax because she feels remorse and shame when she's given free time to do what she wants without having to fulfill an imaginary obligation. How dare that doctor tell her that she simply isn't designed to be happy for very long! Does he not realize that magic is supposed to happen and make someone who can never stop until Masky McDeath tells her to hit the bricks sit back and enjoy sunsets without feeling like a monster?
Tags: elly on her cross

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