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On freelance joinery and making lemonade.

One of the more telling arcs coming up in the near future is the one wherein Elly tries to lecture Farley into not ripping apart garbage bags to get to the table scraps she and the other idiots don't realize they trained him to crave. What happens is that Michael comes along, suggests building a sort of box to put the garbage bags in so that the dog can't get at them only to turn around, remove them to turn the thing into a play fort and have the garbage strewn about anyway because after they were done, he and Gordon forgot to put the bags back in the thing.

The reason that I mention this is that attention must be paid to John's reaction to the affirmative public response to his craftsmanship is. A normal person would be delighted to discover that he has a lucrative sideline in the making. It should make John a lot happier that he has a profitable hobby. He isn't delighted, though. He feels as if he's been diminished somehow because he thinks that he's thought of as a backyard carpenter first and a dentist second. This is because he seems to not notice something about himself: he's Elly's kind and doesn't even realize that he too suffers from a bottomless appetite for approved-of approval and recognition. This is also possibly why in two years' time, he behaves as if Elly just yelled "HAIL HYDRA!!!!" when she suggested naming April something modern instead of something that would allow him to suck up to his relatives.
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