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The myth of Anne Nichols.

Every so often, I find myself wishing that if Lynn wanted to reintroduce Farley so badly, she should have simply not rerun the first year of the strip and gone to straight reruns ten years ago next September. This would not only put him in the rotation in time to pretend to promote the book, she'd only have to rearrange the Easter strips to avoid the jumbled chronology we were left dealing with. This means that right now, we'd be talking about another of the famous lies Lynn tells herself about her strip.

Said lie, I should think, is the one she tells about why Anne Nichols started to vanish from the strip. The most obvious answer is that since Connie and Anne had become pretty much interchangeable by the late eighties, Lynn's belief that she had too many characters made it easy for her to simply jettison the one she was slightly less comfortable with. This talk of hers about how she couldn't look in on the Nichols family after Steve admitted to having any number of cheapm meaningless affairs is something of a lie because it took two years for her to finally vanish the characters. The Nichols children faded away first after April fooled all of them because we didn't need them for wacky kid jokes and Anne followed them after a while because Lynn had decided to combine the general physique of Christopher with the coke bottle glasses and big nose of John to create for Liz a love interest that wouldn't expose Elly to the peril of having someone she drank coffee with being an in-law. Thus did Lynn's belief that she had to trim the herd lead to Anthony's creation.
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