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The hands-off with Liz syndrome.

One of the sadder things about having to revisit the past is having to remind ourselves that Elly and Liz haven't been what you'd call close since she reacted strongly in the negative to the child developing a personality when she was two years old. In the here and now, it manifests itself as her having nothing in the shop window but ridicule, bellowing and hypocrisy and having to farm out actually cheering the poor girl up to a classmate. In the years to come, it becomes Elly thinking that Liz's unhappiness about her lack-luster social life is actually directed at her because that's the only explanation she can come up with for the Moods That Drive Her Crazy. It's only when Liz is a grown woman that Elly starts to think of her as a person she can talk to without getting all bent out of shape.

This, I think, is because by then, Anthony is in the picture and Liz is no longer competition for John's affections. Lynn as much as said so in "Lives Behind The Lines" when she pretty much pinned all the blame for Elly's inability to cope with her daughter on Liz for being closer to John than she should. This way, one can avoid the dreadful suggestion that perhaps Elly is to blame for the cooling down because she sees every other woman in the world as a threat to her happiness.
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