dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How deep is her guano?: Elly versus Liz

As I've mentioned before, Liz spent an appallingly long time as Daddy's Little Girl only to be banished to the Land Of Wind, Ghosts And Middle Children when a new, more pliable emotional crutch came along to make John feel manly and also not ruin his life by talking about her feelings. This, along with Elly's attempts to disrupt her social life because of an exaggerated dread of teen pregnancy and John's attempts to use brute force to make her smile again, led to Liz feeling a vague sense of discontent. The problem, of course, is that Elly is deeply silly and stupid and lost her temper when confronted with Liz not being an especially happy person really.

Judging from her panicky, stupid squawking to Connie about the Evil Bad Mood That Was Evil, the dozy cretin seems not to have realized that she was in sort of a treadmill here because she expected yet another stupid thing from her own children that she never delivered on herself and wanted them to be happier than children who are figuring out the world can actually be. Simply put, she never expected to be on the receiving end of the "You just don't understaaaaaaand.....you're old and your life is oooooover with and you've forgotten what it was like to be young" and Liz is bad and wrong and evil because Elly is a dimwit who thinks that everyone else is having a better than she is. No damned wonder they call her a woman of dim intellect on Platypus Comix.
Tags: elly versus lizzie

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