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Why Liz doesn't come to Elly: Official.

Of course, there's a reason that isn't Elizabeth telling herself "Mom will leap down my throat if I say something she doesn't like", "You can never tell what will set Mom off", "Mom wants me to enjoy her childhood", "Mom is a fine one to talk about body image issues!!" or "Mom thinks that she's the only person I could be mad at" that keep Elly from magically blaming Liz for being the cylinder that doesn't fire during the heart to heart mother and daughter talks that the two of them never have. Liz has the inconvenient habit of remembering another thing Elly is at pains to avoid admitting to doing: lying to spare her children's feelings.

This means that Liz also thought "I can't ask Mom how I look! She'll lie to my face in order to avoid an argument!!" and was right to do so. This means that by extension, anyone that Elly personally knows and likes has been press-ganged into tricking Liz into admitting that she doesn't have to fit in with the crowd despite that causing the ostracism she fears. This means that she seeks out the advice of people who make Elly feel uncomfortable because they haven't been ordered to spare her feelings.
Tags: educating elly, elly versus lizzie, freefloating commentary

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