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Coffee, tea or binding arbitration: the Phil endgame.

Now that we're safely in the Middle Years, I think it's only fair to point out that Phil starts to fade in prominence as a character. By the time Farley passes away, he's not a presence in the strip that one would notice. The immediate cause of this is their varying approaches to dealing with their parents' aging. While Phil wondered why the parents who clearly needed help seemed to have a hard time admitting that it was their kids' turn to help them like they were pretty much supposed to, Elly seems to have viewed it as the perfect opportunity to bellow about her litany of grievances.....the first and greatest of which was the decision to ruin her life and prove Marian's eternal hatred of her by having a second child in the first place.

This is where Phil's being a regular dumb guy from the sticks like his father before him failed him. Like Jim, Phil remembers Elly as being a lot happier than she actually was and winning more than she believes she did and is averse to admitting that it's her perception of events and intentions that matter more than what was actually done or actually felt. Since Elly feels as if she had been singled out for persecution, it's foolish of him to insist on facts that can never be heeded. The best he can do is what he did: leave town so as to get away from a hopeless neurotic who needs to blame other people for her baked-in feeling of worthlessness.
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