dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John versus remembering anything at all about Elly.

As we know, the strips we're reading right now are taking place about fifteen or sixteen years into John and Elly's marriage. If we were dealing with a normal man, we would expect to see John no longer notice Elly's eccentricities owing to their reassuring familiarity. He, for instance, would shrug when watching her sleep with heavy wool socks on because her feet get ice cold because it's just one of those things she does and he knows why she does it.

The problem with that assumption is that John can claim to act like a newlywed for the very depressing reason that pretty much every time he and Elly interact, it's as he's meeting this woman for the very first time because he always seems to be unfamiliar with her habits and astonished by the things she wants. It's as if there's no room in that brain of his for remembering how the people around him behave. I guess that's why he's always having to re-learn that Mike isn't trying to usher in an era of chaos or that Liz feels as if she hasn't got a friend in the world.
Tags: john patterson versus himself

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