dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Valentine Hurdle.

As we know, most of the reason that Mike has a hard time dealing with his feelings with Martha is that he's not especially bright, he doesn't seem to understand what's really going on, he cares too much about the opinion of boys who aren't even remotely close to being his friends and, since he's a gloomy son of a bitch who thinks that everyone really wants to crush him so they can laugh at his suffering and tell him that no, HE doesn't deserve to be happy like everyone else, tends to impute the worst possible motives to everyone around him. This means that he's about to fail an important test by buying her a gross-out insulting Valentine's card.

We start things off with his assuming that buying the tasteful, sentimental, touching card like a smart person is an attempt to muzzle him and deny him the right to express himself the way he wants to express himself. What he really means by that is that unlike Martha, he has to worry about what HIS friends think. His 'friends' have to be taken seriously while she must lose hers despite their being helpful because they're an influence who isn't him. Of course, he doesn't tell himself that he's an overweening shitwad who wants to control this girl. He stands around braying about how she's trying to bring him to heel and make him submit to her evil world of having to think about how his words are actually perceived. If she loved him really, she'd be flattered that she received a crude, insulting joke Valentine because it comes from his junk heart. As the man said, Mike is about to bring shame on his people....again.
Tags: mike versus martha

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