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The Lawrence issue explained.

As you know, the problem I have with how the Lizthony dynamic got started is that Liz was so in love with the self-pitying image of everyone but her being loved to want to live in a world where Anthony had a huge, awkward and creepy-ass stalker crush on her. Lynn's haste to tell us all that silly children wouldn't be able to tell real love from the common cold seems to have married the Pattersons' fear of actually speaking to people and thus getting humiliated and laughed at because of course, the worst possible thing always happens and had a baby called "Liz wasting years of her life like a moron because she didn't simply ask Anthony if he liked her." 

The reason that I mentioned all of this is that we're going to be dealing with a similar act of self-destructive act of negative overconfidence starting next month and lasting until this time next year. This is because Mike thinks that if Martha were simply pretending to like Lawrence to make him jealous, he'd be able to tell. The problem is that she is going to be doing that and the bloody numpty isn't able to tell. She tells him to his face that's what she was doing and he still thinks she's trying to somehow trick him because he thinks he's better at reading a situation than he is. 

This leads us to an idea that's been percolating in my mind for years now: the fact that in four years, Lawrence will end up being forced to out himself prematurely by a massive bonehead who can't tell "I'm trying to avoid getting thrown out on my ass" from "I lied about being straight to humiliate you" and why Lynn didn't simply create a new character to handle the arc. It seems to have gotten back to her that people thought that Lawrence was a more viable love interest than a passive-aggressive mute thought-bubbling about humiliation and she couldn't allow that to stand. Her idea of romance seems to rotate around the longed-for one reading the other person's mind and seeing the love that cannot be proclaimed aloud therein so actually talking about feelings is dangerous and wrong and actually works and thus cannot generate sympathy and is thus bad. 
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