dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ignorance is the only option, Part One: the template.

 The irritating thing about having to watch Mike make another stupid mistake is that it could have been avoided if he'd taken the trouble to understand who Martha is as a person instead of acting as if being made to do so is yet another horrible demand that a poor innocent like him is being forced to comply with because people hate him and want him to be wrong all the time so they can laugh at him because he too wants to be happy. He wants to see a pure-D city girl into roller blading as a stock character from Little House On The Prairie and being made to see the real person is terrible and cruel and wrong because cruel people who don't want to admit that he's a real person with real feelings are trying to make him tell an evil lie that hurts him: they're real people with real feelings too.

This tendency he has of loving fictional characters and being angry with the person underneath the fantasy projection seems to be all he knows because he grew up living in a world of arguing at cross purposes because of this refusal to admit who the other person is. What I mean by that awkward noise is that  it's kind of obvious that John is either in the process of living his whole entire life never really knowing who Elly actually is and what she's always wanted or has died in smug, unshakable ignorance. If so, he's married his own kind because the only way one could stay married to the oaf without poisoning him is to live in a state of denial. 

Tags: thou shalt not know

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