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Ignorance is the only option, Part Two: The Cute Girl Syndrome.

As you know, I think that Mike has pretty much all of Elly's bad qualities and none of her good ones. One of the very earliest strips featured the bad quality that not only made her a worse parent than she could have been but also made his life worse: the need to save face at all costs. If either she or Michael were to admit to having inconvenienced someone, misread a situation or proceeded forward based on imperfect information, their innate fear that they'd be battered down to their knees and never permitted to rise again (because that's what they want to do to people in their way) makes them dig in when a dumb idea of theirs is questioned.

The reason that I mention this has a lot to do with why Mike was the catastrophic chucklehead boyfriend he was to Martha and Rhetta and why he's the lousy husband to Deanna that he is now. Simply put, it seems to me that he actively fears getting to know the person he's fixated on at any given time. When one contrasts the Martha-that-exists with the fantasy projection country girl that only lives in his head, one realizes that there's a good reason that he trudges through life all passive-aggressive and stuff: he's more in love with the idea of being seen to be the boyfriend of a pretty girl that he is actually being something resembling a real boyfriend. Liz points the way to his problem when she declared "If this is love, I'm loving it!!" when it was suggested that she was more in love with the idea of being in love than actually in love. 

What all of his talk about being destroyed and being a bug on a windshield when it's made clear that the other party is a person with needs of her own means is that not only are we still dealing with the irritating little puke from 1979 howling about how Lizzie can burp and be called wonderful while no one loves him because of that zero-sum game bullshit of his, we're also dealing with a nitwit who hates the idea of being publicly proven wrong about pretty much everything he thinks he knows and having wasted his and everyone else's time fighting the evil of awareness and lucid thinking. 
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